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Sanitizing Surfaces

Cleaner and Disinfectant

If your application requires air atomizing - or "two-fluid" - nozzles, you'll find information on the largest selection available in the industry in this section. Choose from a wide variety of nozzle assemblies and spray set-ups to get the precise performance you require.

Fluid lines for air atomizing nozzles can be pressurized or supplied using a siphon- or gravity-fed configuration. Nozzles equipped with clean-out and/or shut-off needles may require an additional air line. All air and fluid lines should be equipped with the proper filters, regulators and valves.

Air atomizing nozzles require spray set-ups, which consists of an air cap and fluid cap. Air atomizing spray nozzles are ideal for chemical injection, passivating, coating, sterilizing, fogging, humidifying, misting, coating, moisturizing, gas cooling and lubricating.

Air Atomizing Nozzle Set-ups
Air Atomizing Nozzle Set-ups

With cleaning and disinfecting at all-time high, so is exposure to toxic chemicals. The exposure isn't limited to the people using the chemicals; people who are in areas cleaned with toxic chemicals are often exposed to residues, fumes and scents that can be harmful to human health. Fortunately, there is a better way to clean and disinfect.

Our cleaner/degreaser and disinfectant/sanitizer are:

  • Non-irritating to eyes, skin and nose

  • Free of added fragrance

  • Residence-free

  • Free of ingredients alcohol, ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, peroxide bleach, VOCs and additives that often trigger skin irritation and allergic reactions.

  • Gentle enough to use daily.

In addition to being milder, our solutions are ready to use. No need to mix with water or other chemicals. The solutions are shipped ready to use. You'll save time and eliminate the chance of improper dilution, which can be dangerous and/ or impact cleaning effectiveness.

Air Atomizing Nozzle Set-ups

Pathonex, our hospital broad-spectrum disinfectant, virucide and food contact surface sanitizer, is 99.9% effective against many viruses and germs*. On EPA List N, Pathonex has demonstrated effectiveness against viruses similar to SAS-CoV-2 when used in accordance with the directions for use against Feline Calicivirus as a surrogate for Norovirus on precleaned, hard, non-porous surfaces.

Covid 19

Pathonex has been tested and found to be effective against the following micro-organisms on a pre-cleaned, hard, non-porous surface.

Target pathogens for food contact surface sanitizer, 1 minute contact time:

  • Salmonella Enterica, Strain ATCC 6539

  • Staphylococcus Aureus, Strain ATCC 6538

Target pathogens for disinfection, 10 minute contact time:

  • Poliovirus Type 1, Strain ATCC VR-1562

  • Staphylococcus Aureus, Strain ATCC 15442

  • Feline Calicivirus (Norovirus Surrogate), Strain ATCC VR-782

  • Psudomonas Aeruginosa, Strain ATCC 6358

  • Salmonella Enterica, Strain ATCC 10798

Air Atomizing Nozzle Set-ups

Pathopure cleaner/ degreaser will change the way you think about cleaning. It provides everything you want from a cleaning product. It's effective, easy-to-use, versatile, non-toxic, fragrance-free, residue-free and streak-free. The more you use it, the more results you'll see. It is highly effective against organic fats and oils and removes built-up dirt, grease and grime making flooring, fabrics, glass, grout, tile and other surfaces brighter and cleaner.

Validated Cleaning Power

  • Green Seal Standard GS-8 based on effective performance, minimized/ recyclable packaging, and protective limits on VOCs and human & environmental toxicity.

  • WoolSafe and CleanSeal approved by the WoolSafe Organization for carpet and rug cleaning.


Independent Performance Testing

  • Cleaning Performance Test - Successful per ASTM D4488-95 A2 Standard

  • Glass Cleaning Performance Test - Total soil removal with no streaking, no smearing using CSPA DCC-09 Test Method

  • Consumer Specialty Products Association (CSPA) DCC-09 categories: soil removal, smearing and streaking

Irritation Tests

  • Ocular Irritation Test - Non-irritating per bovine corneal opacity and permeability in vitro test method to identify severe eye irritants/ corrosives: Accepted by US agencies in 2008; OECD TG 437 (2009)

  • Dermal Irritation Test - Non-irritating per EpiDerm in vitro human skin model skin irritation test: Accepted by US via OECD TG 439

Air Atomizing Nozzle Set-ups

Our solutions can help reduce waste and protect the environment.

  • Are drain- and disposal-friendly

  • Can help reduce plastic waste. Our solutions are versatile. They can be used on many hard, non-porous surfaces, fabrics and upholstery. Using just two solutions instead of many different cleaning products will reduce packaging and container waste. Plus, spray bottles can be refilled over and over again and reduce the number of plastic containers that end up in landfills.

  • Leave no residue, which means reduced water use for rinsing

  • Meets Green Seal Standard GS-8 based on effective performance, minimized/ recyclable packaging, and protective limits on VOCs and human & environmental toxicity.

Holding Plant

Two Products for Complete Cleaning and Disinfection 



Air Atomizing Nozzle Set-ups

Tough on dirt, grease, stains and odors. Gentle on skin, eyes and nose.

Pathopure is a diluted sodium hydroxide solution. It is a powerful, multi-purposed cleaner/ degreaser that is highly effective against organic fats and oils. It removes surface dirt and debris, difficult stains and even long-term residue build-up. But unlike other cleaning chemicals, Pathophure is non-toxic. It can be safely used without gloves or other PPE. It's non-irritating to eyes and skin and contains no added fragrances. It is safer for the people using it and those in areas cleaned with it. It leaves behind no chemical residue and greatly reduces the risk of skin sensitivities or allergic reaction.


  • Flooring, Carpets, Tile, Wood, Concrete, Granite/ marble, Ceramic/ Porcelain, Walls

  • Fabric, Linen, Textiles, Upholstery

  • Plastic, recycled material

  • Bathtubs, Sinks, Toilets, Countertops, Tabletops

  • Furniture

  • Windows, Mirror

  • To be used with carpet extractors, floor scrubbers, mop buckets, upholstery cleaning equipment or spray bottles.

  • When using on hard surfaces, spray on surface then wipe dry or rinse. When using on mirrors and glass, spray on clean, lint-free rag and wipe surface clean.



Air Atomizing Nozzle Set-ups

99.9% Effective Against Germs and Viruses*

Pathonex is a hypochlorous acid disinfectant/ sanitizer. It is strong enough to use in hospitals, suitable for daily sanitizing of food-contact surfaces and versatile enough to be used on nearly every hard, non-porous surface found in homes, schools, child care centers, restaurants and many other facilities.  


  • Plastic/ electronics, sealed granite/ marble, sealed ceramic/ tile/ porcelain/ laminate, glass, aluminum/ stainless steel/ chrome

  • Kitchens, food preparation areas

  • Office equipment, phones

  • Bathtubs, sinks & toilets

  • Sealed tiles & grout

  • Countertops & tabletops

  • Fixtures & appliance exterior surfaces

  • Windows & mirrors

  • Use with restroom care equipment, portable sprayers, spray bottles



Air Atomizing Nozzle Set-ups
Air Atomizing Nozzle Set-ups
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