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Automated Coating System

Spray controllers provide basic, intermediate and advanced control for a wide variety of spray applications.


Precision Spray Control 

Used together, our PulsaJet nozzles and controllers can provide accurate, consistent application of a wide range of coatings with minimal waste. 

Coating System for Food Industry

Advanced spray technology applies coatings. Examples are oil coating, release agent coating, viscous coating, antimicrobial agent/ mold inhibitor applying and etc.


Metal Lubricating

Precisely spray any lubricant - even tough-to-spray wax based lubes. Ensure uniform application. Reduce coating consumption for improved sustainability and quick payback.

Tablet Coating

Apply coatings uniformly while reducing contamination and nozzle clogging, to ensure compliance with quality standards in batch and continuous processes.


PanelSpray System

For engineered wood. Increase production and improve quality with the precise application of resin, wax, release agent, moisture and nail lines through PanelSpray Engineered Wood Systems.


Paper, Packaging and Tissue Coating

Applying starch, aqueous  coatings, poly-lube. Preventing sheet breaks by moistening queen roll. Applying perfumes, lotions, softeners and more.